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We proudly emphasize our competitive prices compared to competitors, coupled with our capability to deliver within 1 week.

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We thrive on building user-friendly responsive interfaces that work seamlessly across web, tablet, and mobile.

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We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim for completion of projects in estimated time.

Hi, My name is Thomas 👋

I started my business in 2020, during a time when I was also experiencing burnout

Slowly but surely, I recovered and regained the energy to work on my own company

I began working with a major client like Ericsson and rediscovered the excitement of creating user-friendly systems

My drive is always to learn new things and stay updated with the latest in technology

As a customer, you should feel confident when working with me, and I operate under three principles:

  • Save time and focus on making your business visible online.
  • Create a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and captures attention.
  • We offer more affordable rates than our competitors and can deliver within 1 week.

A company with over 7 years of experience of web-development


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Luchis electronics

Luchis Elektronik

Throughout this project, I was given free rein to create a website for an electronics repair company and chose a color scheme that reflects environmental consciousness and reuse.



With this project, I built an e-commerce platform and utilized PayloadCMS to construct various components. Additionally, it was based on dynamic data where products could be created, purchased, and added to a shopping cart, which was then integrated with the Stripe payment system.

Best Mobile Phone

Best Mobile Phones

In this project, I built a platform where you can choose your next phone based on various options. A hobby project that I built and found very enjoyable.

Business Card

Business Card

Through this project, I developed a digital business card for a networking event where attendees could download my contact information directly to their mobile devices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you really need a website?

It is essential today to build trust as a business and to ensure that you, as a business owner, are visible on the web. Pacha Virtual has the experience in web development and loves creating user-friendly responsive websites.

How long does it take to deliver a website?

My goal is for you to have your website within a week. However, if a more extensive webshop or advanced features are needed, the timeline can vary between 5 to 10 weeks.

Do you offer installment payments?

Yes. A 50% upfront fee of the total amount is always required before the project starts. You can then choose to split the remaining payment over 3 months.

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